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Plumbing Services

Quality Plumbing Services in the Steinbach Area

Titanium Mechanical is here to help when you need plumbing services handled in the Steinbach area. Call our top-rated plumbers today to get a free quote for any of the services that we proudly offer:

Plumbing Repairs and Service

When plumbing repairs affect your Steinbach home, you can count on us to get things resolved ASAP with our plumbing repairs and service.

Drain Cleaning

Do you have a clogged drain on your hands? No worries: We provide quick, thorough drain cleaning to get that issue resolved in no time.

Camera Inspection

We’ll accurately determine the cause of your drainage issues thanks to our camera inspections that can see right down into your drain.

Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing will inform you of the quality of the water you drink and clean and bathe with.

Water Quality Treatment

Should your home’s water quality be low-quality, we can get the issue resolved with water quality treatment.

Hot Water Tanks

Our plumbing company provides quick, dependable hot water tank repair and replacement services.


If your plumbing pumps have burnt out or simply need to be upgraded, our Steinbach team will be there to provide any work that needs to be done.

Plumbing Fixtures

We provide plumbing fixture repair and installation services to keep your home looking and functioning its best.

Steaming Services

Our steaming services are an effective way to clean and sanitize your property quickly.

Leak Detection

Leak detection proves to be the quickest and most accurate way to find and repair the cause of any leaks on your property.

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